Posted by: arumchan | November 26, 2010

Just an ordinary day

5.40 AM

Hubby & Ken are still asleep. Battery not fully charged yet ;D

Ken’s toys are all over the floor—err, house.

There’s a toy ambulance and wind-up Thomas train under the pillow.

Unfolded *clean* laundry is waiting to be sorted.

Dirty laundry needs to be sorted and lined-up for the washing machine.

Ken’s future playroom still has boxes that need to be unpacked & moved.

I need to sort through 3 boxes in my dining room to find the cooking utensil that I need.

I need to figure out what to cook today.

Once again, I google the oatmeal cookie recipe that I’ve been wanting to make— since last month– but haven’t.

But…oooh! The kitchen sink & counter are clean! (thanks honey, i love you. i really do.)

And a cool morning breeze is making our curtains look good (i knew i wouldn’t regret bringing them home).

Yup, just an ordinary day 🙂 Alhamdulillah.


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