Posted by: arumchan | December 13, 2010


bittersweet (adj)

1: being at once bitter and sweet; especially : pleasant but including or marked by elements of suffering or regret
My uncle is currently on a 2-week workshop in Yokohama. Thanks to technology, I can chat with him for free using BBm or YM. Something as simple as telling him what onigiri is, what the kanji for pork and 50%off discount look like, and asking what and where he’ll be on his free time. Then I found myself looking at his posted photos on Facebook, but instead of focusing on the main point of the photo (e.g. Mt.Fuji), I was focusing on: the background. Yup. The bike paths. Billboards. Cars. Sign posts. Houses. Even the pedestrian crossings.
Unconsciously, my mind was searching for things that reminded me of our life back in Matsuyama. Not just in this photo, but in my daily life as well. I went giddy when I saw the Anpanman biscuit that I used to buy for Ken. I breathed a sigh of relief seeing a few products from Daiso and some imported toys from Japan in the shopping center near our house here. I prefer products that have a katakana translation on their packaging, guessing that those products are good enough for export to the Japanese market. I don’t switch the channel when I randomly find an Indonesian-dubbed Japanese tv show.
I think I will always miss Matsuyama dearly, even though alhamdulillah I think we’re adjusting well to our new life here. Things that remind me of Matsuyama– or even Japan, can suddenly wake up my memories. Makes me smile. But makes me sad at the same time. Hence, the word: bittersweet.

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