Posted by: arumchan | December 16, 2010

Turn back time

Sometimes, all I wanna do is turn back time…

If I see some people with their happiness, sometimes I can’t help thinking, I, too, could’ve done that had I had had the time and opportunity. I could’ve worked harder, faster, managed my time better, I could’ve done better. Coz I know too well that you don’t know what you got til it’s gone. I knew, but I feel I didn’t make the most out of it. And I so envy those who get it so easy and who I think don’t deserve it. Who I know do things for the wrong reasons.

I know everyone has their own lives, their own paths, actions, and consequences. I sometimes think why God made my path that way, with all those obstacles. And why He seems to make others’ path so easy, especially the ones that I know don’t know just how lucky they are.

I just have to keep thinking positive towards God for making my life turn out the way it is now. And be grateful for whatever was in my past, count my blessings.

But sometimes, I often wanna turn back time. And erase my regret.


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