Posted by: arumchan | December 24, 2010

About us.

Let me tell you about my small family.

We are a small family of three. Hubby will start working for a government institution, with a standard government-employee salary. I stay at home with our toddler. We enjoy cooking and eating, and pretty much relaxing at home. We don’t like busy and crowded places, we hate traffic jams. And we aren’t really party-goers– we enjoy small get togethers between close friends and family once in a while. Oh, and we don’t tolerate smokers in our house, sorry.

We’ve worked hard to get to where we are today. Money has been hard, and it still is, but we get by. No funny money, period. I’d say we have just enough money to go dine-out once in a while, or maybe treat ourselves to something nice sometimes. I make sure we’re all dressed appropriately. We don’t care for branded goods.. all we pay attention to is quality and a reasonable price- branded or not. We invest in things that are useful or educational, and our first priority budgeting goes to our toddler. Oh, make that number 2. If we do have enough money, it would be to fulfill our dreams of hajj, amin.

We are just basically a simple family of three. We just want to lead a simple but fulfilling life.


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