Posted by: arumchan | January 12, 2011

Because you are my first priority…

I have a dream of building and running my own daycare. Not a luxurious and expensive one, but a standard yet well-rounded one. I think the needs for this daycare is big in this city, with available daycares few and wait-listed. So, you can say that the money is there. And luckily enough, there’s also a possibility of investment in it, if I were to really carry on with my plan. Well, not the full investment– I’d still need to find more invstors, but hey, it seemed like a promising start. But…

As with all businesses, someone has to run it. With a daycare, this is very personal. We’re talking about taking care of other people’s children (as well as mine, so I thought, haha)… so the resposibility is extra huge considering the impact of early childhood care on that child’s well-being and development. Having been in the education area for the past few years, I have confidence and experience in that area…. and I know so well that you have to be all-out once you jump into preschool waters. And I thought I was prepared…

But… I realized that if I were to start this business, I would be there from Monday-Friday, 7am to 6pm– be the first there and the last one out. Childcare is known for its long hours, which include preparation and clean up each day. I enjoy this kind of work, but I’d be missing out on Botchan. Yes, he could very well be in my own daycare, but only for how long each day? He deserves his “home-time”, and who were to take care of him if I have to be at work?

So, after considering carefully the consequences, I’ve decided to temporary postpone this chapter of my dreams in life. I’ll continue on preparing for it, hopefully when Botchan is bigger I can re-open this chapter in a more suitable condition. Though I do this with a heavy heart, I’d be more devastated by the thought of Botchan being in someone else’s care.. because I want to be his mom who’s there when he needs me, who makes him yummy lunches/snacks, who plays with him and watches him grow…

I know these years will go by and you can never return.. as for dreams, they can always wait 😉


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