Posted by: arumchan | March 24, 2011

So little (free) time, so much to do…

Kadang kalau Hubby pulang, suka nanya: hari ini ngapain aja sama Botchan? Hmm… jawabannya bisa bervariasi, tapi basically revolves around playing at home and doing the housework. Trus in the corner of his eye I can see that he’s mentally asking: just what housework did you do, since this house is still generally in a “mess”.. nggak “cling” seperti tampilan interior rumah dalam iklan, hahaha..(ya iyalahhh, gimana mau “cling” when I have a 2 yo running around my house??)

Well, actually I can do more housework than I usually do IF: every moment Botchan is not awake (in the early mornings and when he takes his midday nap) I COMPLETELY immerse myself in housework. Nights are out of the question since I’m usually too exhausted and it’s family time after hubby gets home from work 😉 Or, if on that particular day I can get Botchan to do an activity by himself alongside me while I’m doing some sort of housework– so far being doing the laundry (hanging, folding) and on great days I can even do the dishes while Botchan is on the kitchen sink next to me, watching and playing with the tap water 😀 And don’t forget then there’s those days I have to run errands or do some shopping, which will take more time away as well:(

But…. as a full-time stay-at-home-mom, I still have my passions and interests, whatever you call them– some area of knowledge that attracts me to the laptop like a magnet so I can google the topic up and learn. No, I’m not talking about facebook– although I do check the status updates daily 🙂 And I should put aside more time to blog (all the pictures are still somewhere in my camera or laptop, waiting to be published and blogged about). But the one that takes up all this time is my main BIG passion: the culinary area.. from recipes to techniques, all the articles can fill up my spare time. Traditional food/snacks, bento-ing, very basic cooking techniques, pasta, cake/desserts… it keeps on going.. And now there’s a growing interest in small-space gardening as well– nowhere near being a “green-thumb” or as Indonesians say “bertangan dingin”, but I’m really interested in growing my own herbs (basil, etc.) and hopefully some veggies as well. Sorry, I don’t think I have sustainable interest in flowers, just in something that I can COOK with hahaha 😀 At this moment I’m also on wait-list to order some herbs to plant, baru ada minggu depan benihnya kata orangnya.. dan merencanakan jalan2 ke toko trubus untuk lihat2 produk di sana, siapa tau ada benih tanaman yg bisa ditanam nantinyaaaa.. berhubung masih baru jadi masih fokus ke herbs dan pingin cari tanaman cherry tomatoes, hehehe 😉

Itu di atas belum termasuk the “have-to-make-time-to-do” things like physically scrapbooking Botchan’s development & milestones (as opposed to blogging about it on the net) and organizing our re-arranged home (still have Hubby’s office to organize, haven’t finished organizing our closets, still have to organize my bento and small various cooking utensils, and I have yet to make an area for my stuff). So little (free) time, so much to do..

Sepertinya nanti klo insyaAllah udah ada budgetnya, harus nyari pembantu yg pulang-pergi deh, just to do the time& energy-consuming housework like the dishes, clean the bathrooms, that sort of stuff. Syukur2 klo bisa ngupasin bawang merah bawang putih buat aku pake masak nantinya, hahaha! Teteuplah yg utama aku sbg home-maker 😉

Okay, gotta go… Botchan is up! (and so is my free time in the morning)




  1. hai arum…mmg sibuk kn jd home manager….bg sy SAHM itu lbh sibuk dr ibu yg jga sering xckup msa mau beres kerja rumah kerna pulang ke rumah saja mahunya melayan anak2 terus..hehe

  2. iya, betul Farina… maunya sih main terus sama Ken atau suami, tapi kalau tanpa ada yg bantu di rumah, housework lainnya jadi menumpuk ;( Memang jadi ibu (SAHM maupun yg working) harus bisa atur2 waktu yah, hehehe 🙂

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