Posted by: arumchan | October 7, 2011

Japan’s nationalism

“Start ’em when their young”, I’ve heard some people say. Nowadays it’s all about teaching everything at an earlier age. I have my personal opinions about that, but this time I’ll write about a music-video clip that I just saw– that made me just watch in awe.

I was watching Eigo de Asobo (Play in English) on NHK  with Botchan. FYI, this show is targeted at preschool-young elementary school children and is showed within the young-age group show programs. As always, I’ve considered Japanese kid songs to be entertaining and fun to watch, hence I love watching Botchan’s designated tv shows with him. Expecting nothing out of the ordinary, suddenly came this song titled “Hand in Hand”.. googling, I found the lyrics (unfortunately, as with all NHK videos, the original video clip you can only find during the show and very rarely on Youtube)…






We’ll be together hand in hand

We’ll see the future hand in hand

Oh, looking at a new day

with our faces in the sun

You and I

We’ve come a long way

We’ll be strong

We’ll see tomorrow hand in hand

Just those simple lyrics repeated a few times, but every time showing different people and members of the society, all smiling with reassurance.. school kids, firemen, farmers, families, teachers, shopkeepers, atheletes.. it was a pretty varied mix. At first I didn’t really get the message, but I caught on.. and in the end everybody in the video clip showed a picture of  2 hands holding together, hand in hand. And I thought, with all the devastations Japan has gone through after the previous tsunami and the consequences that followed… wow, NHK. Good job. What a way to encourage your youngest audiences, which, are the generations of tomorrow. Simple yet thoughtful. Bravo!

Now, I wonder when Indonesia will start doing the same thing…..?


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