Posted by: arumchan | November 3, 2011

More reasons for me to homeschool :)

Still reading Linda Dobson’s “The 1st Year of Homeschooling Your Child”.. and as I’m reading along, I thought it would be fun (or maybe useful for others) to share some points that I found interesting 😉

  • it’s more important to reduce self-doubt than to prove to your mother-in-law that your 3 yr old can speak 5 languages ;D
  • neither you or your child is perfect— make your mistakes and move on
  • you are accomplishing more in an hour of attention to your child’s education than a school accomplishes in a day
  • has any teacher ever told you she loves your children?
  • who needs to become Supermom with a perfect family anyway, when becoming Available Mom with a happy family is so much more fun?

Hehehe, points that will make you smile and think 🙂


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