Posted by: arumchan | June 2, 2012

Back to normal….

Okayy, again, it has been a while since i’ve written.. and I really really want to start writing again! Since my last post there have been lots of changes in my family life, mainly the birth of our baby girl 🙂 Our lives have been changed.. and developed– adapting to life with 2 kids isn’t an easy transition but not impossible either 😉 We just need time.. and sooner than later our lives have better adapted and everything is slowly but surely getting back to normal, alhamdulillah!

So along with this new “normalcy”, I’m starting to (want to) write again, dengan niat yang lebih “lurus” yakni membuat tulisan2 about parts of our life that may be useful when read by others. Alhamdulillah juga aku diberikan petunjukNya in exploring resources for educational activities to do at home with Botchan, enriching his toddler years and insyaAllah hopefully homeschooling later on when it’ll be time for elementary school. It’s amazing how much free resources are available through the internet and file sharing websites (I’ll save the websites I find useful on my Links section in this blog, feel free to explore them as well!). It’s more overwhelming to browse ideas for activities— I have to constantly remind myself of the time so that I don’t get carried away (when I do have free time, that is).

Besides the homeschooling stuff, alhamdulillah juga dapat petunjukNya mengenai artikel2 parenting & education yang bisa membuka pikiranku (and hubby too!). Being a parent is a neverending learning process and we have to keep up with the latest researches, trends, developments, issues, etc concerning our kids.

All of this and just 24 hours in a day… harus me-manage waktu yang lebih baik! Bismillah, semoga niat ini diridhoi Allah SWT, aamiin… 🙂


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